So you have decided to jump out of an airplane... GREAT!! We a have several different options for you to choose from before making your first jump. Which one you choose depends on what your goals are. Do you want to learn to skydive or just simple experience the RUSH of leaping from a flying aircraft and falling to the earth at 120 MPH. No matter which one you choose you are going to enjoy skydiving. We help thousands of first timers just like you every year make that first jump.
30 Minutes 5 Hour Ground Class

Sat- 9am*
*Anytime with 3 or more students

- Weekdays - $185
- Weekends - $215

- Ground Class
- Level 1 Jump - $285
-DVD & Photo CD - $100 -DVD & Photo CD - $100
13,000 Feet** 13,000 Feet**
50 Seconds** 45 Seconds**
5000 Feet** 5500 Feet
6-8 Minutes** 8-10 Minutes**
Tandem Skydive is two people under one canopy. You jump attached to an instructor. They deploy the parachute and you can assist flying the parachute through landing. AFF is two instructors hanging onto you in freefall. You deploy your parachute and fly to the landing area under the guidance of a instructor on the ground via radio.
To experience freefall with minimal pre-jump time. Great for a first or second skydive. To learn how to skydive, deploy and fly your own canopy to the ground.
**Altitudes and Times Vary
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