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The AFF course is comprised of 7 levels.  Each level builds upon the lessons learned in the previous one.  For the first three levels (Levels I, II & III) two jumpmasters exit the aircraft holding on to the student and assist during the freefall portion of the jump.  Once the student's parachute is open, they make a solo canopy descent while being guided from the ground by a qualified instructor using a radio.  In the next two levels (Levels IV & V) the student learns how to do turns and forward and backwards movement.  Upon successful completion on these levels, the student progresses to more advance maneuvers such as solo exits and front and back loops. Start preparing immediately by studying the USPA Skydivers Information Manual

AFF classes are every Saturday 9:30 AM with a Reservation

AFF Key Benefits:

  • Advanced freefall training
  • Two instructors in freefall with you
  • Faster progression to your A License


  • Must be 18 years old
  • Under 250 lbs (Call for exceptions)
  • In good health (Call for exceptions)

Level 1 (Including First Jump Course)
Levels 2 & 3 each
Levels 4-7 each
* Total cost of course
**Student jumps toward your A License
Videographer Service DVD & Stills

*Student jumps include all equipment rental (Parachute, Goggles, Altimeter, Helmet, Jumpsuit)

** The total cost is based upon successful completion of each level on the first attempt.  As with any sport, trainee performance varies and as a result, actual total cost may be higher.
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